Catastropic Impact Events in the Late Pleistocene

  • New Insights Into Extraterrestrial Impacts, Younger Dryas Cooling, Mass Extinction, and the Clovis People
    AGU Joint Assembly, 22-25 May 2007, Acapulco, Mexico.
    Selected Posters and Abstracts

  • Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago that contributed to the megafaunal extinctions and the Younger Dryas cooling
    R.B. Firestone, A. West, J.P. Kennett, L. Becker, T.E. Bunch, Zs. Revay, P.H. Schultz, T. Belgy, D.J. Kennett, J.M. Erlandson, O.J. Dickenson, A.C. Goodyear, R.S. Harris, G.A. Howard, J.B. Kloosterman, P. Lechler, P.A. Mayewski, J. Montgomery, R. Poreda, T. Darrah, S.S. Que Hee, A.R. Smith, A. Stich, W. Topping, J.H. Wittke, and W.S. Wolbach
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104, pp 16016-16021 (2007)
    Abstract , Paper , Supporting information

  • Geological Society of America
    Groundwork Debate

  • Micrometeorite Impacts in Beringian Mammoth Tusks and a Bison Skull
    Poster and Abstracts
    , High-resolution images

  • Terrestrial Evidence of a Nuclear Catastrophe in Paleoindian Times
    R.B. Firestone and W. Topping, Mammoth Trumpet 16, pp 9-16 (2002)
    Paper , Supplemental information

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