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Exploring the Table of Isotopes

Welcome to the Periodic Table of the Isotopes. Choose an element to learn more about its isotopes. Click here for an animated glossary of nuclear terms you may encounter as you tour the isotopes.
H He
NaMg AlSiP SClAr
KCaScTi VCrMnFe CoNiCuZn GaGeAsSe BrKr
RbSrYZr NbMoTcRu RhPdAgCd InSnSbTe IXe
CsBaLaHf TaWReOs IrPtAuHg TlPbBiPo AtRn
FrRaAc RfDbSg BhHsMt DsRg112 114
CePrNd PmSmEuGd TbDyHoEr TmYbLu
ThPaU NpPuAmCm BkCfEs FmMdNo Lr

Information about Isotopes
Table of Isotopes Glossary
Notes on Radioactivity from the ChemTeam
The ABC's of Nuclear Science
Modern Uses of Radioactive Isotopes
Moments of Discovery

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